Crazy Water Brings Bottling Back to Historic Mineral Wells, Texas

The Crazy Bottling Company is returning its water bottling operations home to Mineral Wells, Texas after more than 60 years. Slated to open in Spring 2016 the Crazy Water Bottling Plant will once again reside in the original building built in 1914.

The newly renovated 27,000 square foot building located at 300 N. W. 7th Street, will house state-of-the-art equipment enabling the Crazy Water Company to expand its current water offerings. The decision to return the bottling operations to Mineral Wells was made to ensure strict quality control, meet customer requests for more Crazy offerings and continue reviving the history of Crazy Water in Mineral Wells.

A new, much anticipated line of waters are slated to launch in May. Crazy Water owners, Scott and Carol Elder purchased Crazy Water operations in 1999 and have since expanded water distribution throughout Texas with retailers like HEB, Whole Foods, Central Market, Kroger, Brookshires, United, Albertson’s and many independent health food stores. Tom Thumb and C-Stores in north Texas will join the craze and start shelving the mineral waters this Spring. Click here to find Crazy Water near you.

“We are both excited to bring the bottling plant back to Mineral Wells. The people of Mineral Wells and our loyal customers around the country are our main focus. Our customers deserve our best and we are committed to providing it. We believe bottling our own waters straight from the wells is the best way to ensure it is the best it can be.” said owner Carol Elder.

A grand opening will be held in May to thank valued customers and celebrate the bottling company’s return to its roots in Mineral Wells, Texas.

The Mayor of Mineral Wells, Mike Allen said “I am very proud of Scott and Carol Elder in their vision to expand the supply of their mineral water. They are truly great citizens of Mineral Wells. They have researched and live the history of Mineral Wells since 1999. I totally support them and I know that they do this for the love of our community.”

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