The waters of Mineral Wells, TX have been making folks feel good inside and out since 1881. The legend goes like this: In late 1881, a woman who suffered from dementia would sit by the well all day drinking the mineral water. People slowly began to notice that the crazy old lady was not so crazy anymore. Had the water from the well alleviated the lady’s “crazies”? The well became known as the “Crazy Well” and thousands of people from all over the country flocked to this magical well, including a man named Ed Dismuke. Mr. Dismuke was told by his doctor that there was no remedy for his ailing stomach. But Mr. Dismuke began drinking the magical water and before he knew it, he was restored to health. In 1904, Mr. Dismuke founded the Famous Mineral Water Company, selling and distributing the mineral water. Now, more than 100 years later, people are still drinking Crazy Water.


1880 – The first well in Mineral Wells is drilled on a property belonging to James Lynch. Lynch and his family hesitate to drink the water, because of the funny taste. But before long, they find that it’s not harmful, but actually beneficial. The entire family’s general health increases and Mr. and Mrs. Lynch’s rheumatism subsided.

1881 – Billy Wiggins, known as “Uncle” digs the “Crazy Well.” By the end of the year, over 3,000 people are camping on the Lynch property buying water for 10 cents a glass full. Over the next several years, 125 more wells are drilled.

1900 – Mineral Wells becomes known as the premier spa resort town in the south. Over 150,000 visitors and health seekers travel from all over the country to drink and bathe in the healing mineral waters.

1904 – Ed Dismuke founded the Famous Mineral Water Company after realizing that the special mineral water alleviated his life threatening disease.

1909 – Among its attractions, Mineral Wells now has four bathing houses, 7 wells and pavilions, 2 sanitariums, and 46 hotels and boarding houses.

1913 – Mineral Wells is now home to 21 different mineral water companies.

1914 – The current Famous Pavilion is built, where Mr. Dismuke develops products from the curative waters. Pronto-lax, Residuum, Dismuke’s Famous Crystals and Dismuke’s Eyebath are all sold nationally and hailed with success.

1930s – The mineral water craze begins to fade. During the Great Depression the Crazy Water Company concentrates its energies into promoting the Crazy Water Crystals, which are found in drug stores nationwide. With a teaspoon of the Crazy Crystals and a glass of tap water, people enjoy the healthful benefits of the Crazy Water in their own homes. (1)

(1) Fowler, Gene, “Mineral Wells—the Town That Crazy Built,” Texas Highways, June, 1993, p. 21.

1940s – During World War II, gas is rationed and people can no longer make the journey out to Mineral Wells. By the end of the decade, most of the water companies close down, no longer maintaining enough visitors to keep their doors open. The economy of Mineral Wells, long dependant on the mineral waters, now relies on the military base Fort Wolters. (2)

(2) Weaver, A.F., Time Was in Mineral Wells, Houghton Printing Company, 1988, p. 160.

1957 – Nearly 6 decades after his arrival in Mineral Wells, Mr. Dismuke devotedly promotes the mineral waters’ health giving properties, claiming he never needed to see a doctor after he began his daily regimen of Famous Mineral Water. Mr. Dismuke dies on November 6, 1957 at the age of 97 after falling and breaking his hip.

1958 – Mr. Dismuke’s widow, Ida Dismuke sells Famous Mineral Water Co. to J.C. Causey. The Famous Water Company continues to go through a series of owners, until landing in the hands of the current owners Carol and Scott Elder.

2012 Today – Today – Now celebrating over 100 years of service to its loyal patrons, Crazy Water once again expands into national distribution.