Other waters might think we’re crazy, and we are.  And thanks to our high level of natural minerals, which are more readily absorbed by your body than synthetic minerals, Crazy Water can’t be beat.

Want to learn more about water?  Listen to this amazing podcast by Sheena Mannina with special guest Martin Riese, the Water Sommelier.

We’re not just water: we’re also a natural sports drink (without all those scary artificial flavors and sugars) which helps aide in rehydration and recovery. How’s that for a bottle of water?

Crazy Water is key to detoxing your body to good health.



Alkalinity – At

  • Neutralizes acid in the human body
  • Provides free oxygen to tissue
  • Essential for vitality and a healthy life

Sodium Bicarbonate – NaHCO3C

  • Helps delay the onset of fatigue
  • Helps in maintaining the body’s pH balance
  • Assists in neutralizing lactic acid generated by physical activity

Calcium – Ca++

  • Helps stabilize bone structure, teeth and cell membranes
  • Helps prevent blood clotting

Chloride – CI-

  • Needed for metabolism (the process of turning food into energy)
  • Helps keep the body’s acid-base in balance

Fluoride – F-

  • Prevents tooth decay and promotes oral hygiene

Magnesium – Mg++

  • Found in almost all human cells
  • Helps strengthen bone structure
  • Helps expand blood vessels

Manganese – Mn

  • Helps in preserving bone density
  • Helps breaks down fats, carbohydrates and proteins
  • Aides in stabilizing free radicals, which may damage the body

Potassium – K+

  • Aides in the growth of new cells
  • Helps regulate pressure of water between cells and makes sure each cell gets enough food

Silica – SiO2

  • Essential mineral building block and one of the body’s greatest energizing nutrients
  • Strengthens hair and nails

Sulfate – SO4

  • Aides the liver in detoxification and helps in digestion by stimulating the gall bladder
  • Acts as laxative in high doses

Zinc – Zn

  • Strengthens the immune system and improves white blood count
  • Aides the body’s absorption of minerals
  • Improves the health of skin and hair



Mike Modano, US Hockey legend:

“I discovered Crazy Water a few years ago and started drinking it on a regular basis. Now it’s far and away my only water of choice. Love the health benefits and the way it hydrates me during training and after games– so much so I brought cases and cases of it with me when I went to Detroit last Fall.”


Brett Hull, US Hockey legend and avid golfer:

“Crazy Water is now the only water I drink. I really like the taste but even more so how it makes me feel. You might not think hydration would be as important to me as it was in my playing days, but anyone who’s ever knocked out 36 holes of golf on a July afternoon in Dallas knows what I’m talking about!”


Juliann Faucette, Professional Volleyball Player:

“I chose Crazy Water over other waters because as an athlete I believe it gives me the best chance for recovery and hydration. Water is something that everyone has to drink everyday, so why not drink the best? And I believe Crazy Water is the absolute best. It naturally infused by the earth. I’m all about that.”


Brooke, Owner of Indigo Yoga:

“At Indigo Yoga, our classes are practiced in a 100 degree room with very high humidity. Dehydration is always a factor and we want to provide products that keep our students feeling amazing. We encourage them to drink Crazy Water to improve their yoga practice and overall health. And they love it!”


Andy Hollinger,Editor / Advertising The Racing Post:

“As a cyclist in Texas, I need both hydration and electrolyte replenishment – Crazy Water #2 does for me. As a race promoter, I have seen Crazy Water disappear quickly because racers know it works! The stuff is great!”


*****Crazy Water does not pay for endorsements. Our crazed Crazy Water advocates just love our water and just want more and more water!