Water is key to the detoxification process and drinking natural mineral-dense water supports your body’s function is important.

Watch this video segment from Good Morning Texas with nutrition coach Brian Johnson.



Q.  Why is it important to find a natural and simple way detox?

A. The body is always naturally detoxifying and when given the correct tools quality water, proper nutrition and movement it makes it’s job easier and much more affective.

Q.  How does the body detoxify with water?

A.  By hydrating the cells and tissues, they can function optimally and efficiently carry toxins away from and out of the body. Water is one of the most effective, simple as well as one of the least expensive ways to detoxify by providing the raw materials for cellular function.

Q.  Why is Crazy Water a good choice and what makes it a better choice than other waters?

A.  Crazy Water is a still mineral water that is naturally enriched with minerals and electrolytes.  Nothing is added and it’s minimally processed leaving it with an inherently high pH.  Because of the mineral density as well as the alkalinity it makes it a perfect candidate to properly hydrate the tissues and carrying out excess waste. It’s also tested to be free of synthetic additives or chemicals like pesticides or other health harming substances that would otherwise inhibit the cleansing process.

Q.  What is your recommendation for those wanting to start a simple detox?

A. The standard water recommendation is to drink half your weight in ounces a day.  An average 150 lb woman would then drink 75 ounces a day to maintain proper hydration.  When you support your body with enough quality water that is mineral dense you don’t need the complicated and expensive detox plans to support the process.

To aide your body’s natural detox process a general recommendation would be to drink 2- liters of Crazy Water No.2 or 3 and ½ to 1 bottle of No.4 a day.  We have found is that the minerals and pH of Crazy Water helps to keep the body hydrated longer due to the fact the minerals needed by the body are present in such large amounts.